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Looking for Node.js developer for a short-time or long-term cooperation relationship? At Trusted Web, we have a team of experts with excellent skills and with strong back-end and front-end work experience in technologies – SQL, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Angular.js, Socket.IO, REDIS, WebRTC, MongoDB, jQuery, SalesForce, VisualForce, Heroku, Bootstrap, React, Swift, JIRA, Bitbucket, Laravel / Yii / Symphony, Firebase, Nightmare JS and Python.

Our Node.js developers have strong knowledge of standardized development frameworks, procedures, processes and deep understanding of the Node.js’ architecture.

Looking to Hire Node.js Experts?

  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Website and CMS development
  • Ecommerce and shopping cart development
  • Enhancing application and adding more features to your web and mobile app.

A list of work our Node.js developers helped

  • Resolve the bug and change the logic of user login in financial application.
  • Re-designed landing pages and enhanced UI site built in NodeJs/ Angular mainframe.
  • Develop RESTful APIs using NodeJS and MongoDB.
  • Create API in Node.JS for sports events.
  • Create instant messaging app for social media application.
  • Develop aggregator for mobile app.
  • Create schemas for the individual components for a game.
  • Paypal Adaptive Payment integration using NodeJS, REST, JavaScript, HTML5 and PayPal API.
  • Redesign existing website landing page and registration process with all the functionalities Facebook sign up, invite friend and data fields.
  • Create a frontend for education app using HTML template.
  • Develop APIs for a kid magazine app in Node JS.
  • Edit UI of chat window and connect to rest API in Node JS.
  • Develop a website that have ability to upload and view content, as well ask test questions using Node JS, Angular JS and Ruby on Rails.
  • Create restful APIs for existing financial management platform.
  • Fix bugs on existing mobile App code built by Swift and Node.JS backend.
  • Create web version of Android App using Firebase and NodeJS.
  • Build web crawler/parser for duplicate content checking using Node JS, Angular 2 and MongoDB.
  • Fix bugs developed in React.js and Node.js.
  • Develop a custom complaint application for web and mobile which run on IOS and Android.
  • Create search functionality
  • Maintain and update application for IoT device in Angular JS, Node.js, RESTful APIs with Swagger.
  • Create a feature for an IOS application using React and Node.js. Feature is when user signs in with Gmail, system scan the user’s email for insurance policies and extract that information.
  • Develop an online marketplace to buy and sale used items where interested buyers can negotiate pricing with seller using chat.
  • Site assembled developed using technologies Node.js, Postgress and Ubuntu.
  • Create web user interfaces using Angular JS, Node JS, HTML and CSS.
  • Fix some bugs in our website developed using NodeJS & ExpressJS.
  • Deploy Node.js and Python multiple files onto Heroku private cloud server.
  • Create automatic job numbering system which assign job numbers to staff in a sequential order using Express.js, JavaScript, MongoDB and Node.js.

Hire Node.js developer for store update & maintenance

  • An ongoing support which would require attention on a regular basis
  • Keep software updated
  • Looking for Node JS ongoing support/management for a site.

Why Trusted Web?

  • 15+ Years Of Experience
  • 3000+ Projects Completed
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  • Save On 60% Costs

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