Shopify Google Analytics Goal & Funnel Tracking setup

Shopify Google Analytics Goal & Funnel Tracking setup

A Google Analytics Goal can be any action that a visitor might do during a visit to your website. Typically, you would define a Goal according to your business objectives. For example, you could define a Goal as a destination page that you want your customers to reach, such as an order status page on completing checkout. When your customers land on that page, it means they’ve bought something from you. Another example would be the static order status page you’ve set for a newsletter subscription.

Every time a visitor to your website completes one of your Goals, it’s logged as a conversion in your Google Analytics account.

A Google Analytics Funnel defines the path that you expect visitors to take on their way to converting to a specific Destination Goal. You define a Funnel as a series of URLs, indicating the sequence of pages you would expect to be visited on the way to the Goal. Google Analytics tracks the Funnel so that you can see how effectively your website is helping you with your business objectives. For example, a Funnel can help you check how often visitors abandon a Goal, when they join in on the path to your Goal, or when they skip steps.

Google Analytics Goal & Funnel setup allows us to:

  • Determine what steps are causing customer confusion or trouble.
  • Figure out what language or copy might be altering our customer’s emotional behavior during checkout or sign up.
  • To be aware of bugs, browser issues and other technical nuisances.

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