SEO for Travel Agencies

SEO for Travel Agencies

Given the popularity of booking sites for flights and hotels, Travel Agencies have to work harder than ever to attract new business online. But despite the fierce competition, your Travel Agency still has a good chance of finding new customers. You just need to know how to employ the most effective Marketing strategies, including SEO.

SEO for Travel Agencies requires a solid understanding of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, but it’s essential for staying in business. Your customers are looking for the kinds of deals you can provide, but you’re vying for their business with dozens of similar agencies. The only way you’ll capture their attention is by appearing at the top of search engine results. Only a robust SEO strategy can make that happen.

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Monthly SEO Activities

  • Up to 3 local keywords targeting
  • Meta updates of SEO landing pages
  • Heading tags of SEO landing pages
  • Image ALT tags of SEO landing pages
  • Content recommendations for SEO landing pages
  • Link popularity building
  • Content creation and posting
  • Social media submissions
  • Keyword ranking report

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